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Sir, This is a Casino

What’s Really Happening with GameStop’s Short Squeeze

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, GameStop

Screenshot of GME’s 3 month (Nov 2020 — Jan 2021) price history by Author


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The best case scenario for short-traders is when the company goes bankrupt, which means the company’s stock has become pretty much worthless.

140% Short

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From the original 10 apples, now there are a total of 20 owed apples and 10 apples which sum up to 30 “apples” in total. In this case, the apple is shorted by 200% (20 owed apples compared to 10 real apples)

Short Squeeze

What if the price goes much higher than expected?

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Both Charlie and Diane refuse to sell any apple for less than $1,000 each.

This is what we call a short squeeze.

Wall Street Bets & GameStop

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Tweet by @CNBC on November 21, 2020

This is not a financial advice.

We like the stock!


Current Situation

Tweet by @elonmusk on January 27, 2021
Screenshot of GME’s 1 week (25–29 Jan 2021) price history by Author

I have never seen a trading halt before, but with GME it is almost a daily occurrence.

Tweet by @AOC on January 27, 2021

Final Thoughts

Tweet by @CNBC on January 29, 2021

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